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The Ins And Outs of How We Do Business

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  • How does Texas Professional Clean Team work?
    We clean. You relax. Texas Professional Clean Team is a cleaning company that has provided an easy way to book, schedule, and manage all your cleaning appointments online. Our cleaners are back ground checked, wear picture ID's, and bring cameras to monitor and ecord the cleaning, insured and bonded, and trained to deliver on our extensive clean checklist. Ready to relax? You can book here. Once you have booked our services, we will send one of our cleaning professionals to make your space sparkle!
  • Do I need to be home during my cleaning?
    Whether or not you're at the space during your cleaning appointment is up to you! When you make a booking, you'll be prompted to give us entry instructions. If you have a electronic key, doorman or can hide a key somewhere, there's no need for you to be home. Or, feel free to stick around during the clean. We also provide a camera system to record your cleaning. If you provide WIIF access you can watch real time and even communicate with the Cleaner. Whatever you're most comfortablwe dont have WIIF access we will record the cleaning to review at a later date if you wish. e with is fine. In any case, please don't forget about your appointments. We'll remind you with an email &/or text message, but if the cleaner can't get in the door by following your entry instructions, or if you aren't home when you said you would be, you'll be charged a $50.00 lock-out fee .
  • What safety & security measures does Texas Professional Clean Team use?
    Security is of the utmost importance for us! We are registered, insured and bonded. We follow strick back ground check guidlines. Our cleaners wear Photo ID's and everyone wears a uniform thats easily identifiable as a member of the Clean Team. We go one step further and have our cleaners bring state of the art cameras to monitor your home's cleaning. This safety precaution is both for you and the cleaner. This is ground breaking technology in our industry and, as far as, we know we are the first to bring this level of security to the cleanng business. We take extreme pride knowing no one goes further to protect you, your family, your possessionas and our cleaners. We understand that it is a privilege to be in your home, and we are always careful. In the unlikely event that an object is damaged, please notify us within 24 hrs of when the appointment is completed either by email @ or by phone @512-522-8868.
  • What should I do with my pets during the service?
    We love animals, but they don't always love us. If you think your pet may become overly anxious while we are there, please make temporary arrangements while we are in your home. We will also be entering and leaving the home and we would be heart broken if they escaped. So if possible, its safest to crate them or make other safe arrangements for them. You can leave detailed pet instructions during the online scheduling process.
  • Do I need to supply the cleaning products?
    We will bring our own or we can you yours. What ever makes you most comfortable. We can supply nearly all equipment required for cleaning your home, with a few exceptions. We do not provide: Vacuum Conventional mop and bucket Step stool Specialty products, including, but not limited to: Heavy-duty bathroom cleaner; Wood or leather conditioner or cleaner Bleach or Stainless steel cleaner. We are happy to use these items, if provided by you, and left out in clear view for our cleaning staff and accompanied by directions on their use. Some folks ask why we dont supply a vacuume. We have several clients with sever allergies and a vacuume is one cleaning tool that can cause cross contamination specifically of pet dander and hair. The remaining supplies we all washed and used only for your home. We will gladly use your vacuum if you leave it out for us.
  • Can I leave special instructions for my cleaning professional?
    Yes, special instructions can be left for the cleaning professional when you schedule your appointment online. You can also leave notes or talk to the professional when they arrive. Please note any special instructions that is addition to the clean check list or the scope of work the cleaner is to do at the of time of service, may result in additional fees.
  • You say you are best in class with security, what does that mean?"
    We are the industry leaders at the lengeths we go for security. 1) Staff is experienced and trained 2) Staff is rigerously back ground checked 3) We are insured and bonded 4) Staff wears a uniform and photo ID 5} Staff brings a camera with them. It is placed in the room the staff member is in and it records the cleaning of your home. If you provide your internet access you can monitor the cleaning real time and even contact the cleaner through the system. Your cleaning will be archived in case you wish to view it at a later time. We know that by no means are we the cheapest cleaning company in the industry. To have this type of security and systems in place are costly. We feel the security measures we employ should be standard in the industry. As a result of our beliefs, our mission to go above and beyond to give you the peace of mind knowing you and your family are safe and protected with Texas Professional Clean Team.
  • What if we recently had a renovation done?
    We provide a customized post-construction clean for these types of situations. Please contact us at or 512-522-8868 to coordinate and receive pricing information.
  • Can I tip my service professional?
    You are by no means obligated to tip. If you feel like you recieved exemplary service our professional certainly do appreciate it. Our professionals are judged inpart by after service reviews by our clients. After the clean is complete, we strongly encourage you can rate your Texas Professional Clean Team experience and provide feedback. You will be sent a text message asking for feedback about the clean and your service professional. You can also provide additional information by submitting to Feedback@TexasProfessionalClean
  • Can I request a specific time of arrival for my cleaning professional?
    Yes, we try our best to accomidate any requests you may have. If you would like us to be at your home at a specific time, we strongly recommend that you sign up for service at the beginning of the day. We try very had to meet our time commitments however, as we clean homes during the day, we may encounter things that delay our arrival at our next home, like traffic or specific challanging cleaning situations. We apprecate when you choose the option- Any Time on X day or choose the Arrival window option. We try very hard to stick to our alloted time with all our cleaning services but we know things happen and we never want our professionas to feel pressure. Thats when mistakes happen.
  • What if something is broken?
    We understand that it is a privilege to be in your home, and we are always careful. We encourage our cleaners to take pictures of any item they find that is currently damaged and those records are stored with your account information.We are insured and iondedfor an extra layer of protection and all our our cleaning services are recorded for both your protection and the protectin of our cleaners. In the unlikely event that an object is damaged, please notify us within 48 hrs of when the appointment is completed either by email @ or by phone @512-522-8868.
  • Can I pay cash?
    By all means, yes! When going through the booking process mark the box- Cash at time of service. Our Clean Team Porfessionals will leave you a reciept. They will take a photo of the cash and the reciept to keep on file with your account. We will need to have a credit card on file in the event of a no show/lock out situation where a $50.00 fee is assessed.
  • What is your Clean Guarentee?
    If something isn't right. Call us in the first 24 hours and we will come back and fix it! We believe its not clean till you say so!
  • How do I apply to be a part of the Texas Professional Clean Team?
    We are always looking for the best of the very best. Do you consider yourself honest, hardworking, dedicated, fun and love cleaning? If you have those qualities, we welcome the opportunity get to know you & perhaps invite you join our elite Professional Clean Team. Please fill out the Application form on the Join the Team tab. We offer: Flexible Schedules Paid training Benefits- Health Dental & Vision **Coming Soon Empowered to make decisions and serve our clients with exceptional service Advancement opportunities Excellent pay Fun, supportive team atmosphere Earn your way into owning your own Texas Clean Team Franchise Qualifications: Experience a plus English speaking Have a Smart phone to log into the staff portal, attach pictures, get schedule/updated schedule Reliable transportation with min state required insurance Pass Background check Pass paid empolyment "audition". You will clean with the owner at an actual clients home. Physcially able to stand, walk, kneel & bend as cleaning requires. Able to lift up to 30lbs and climb a step stool not to exceed 3 ft. Able to use cleaning products and willing to follow all safety percautions. Qualities we look for: Honesty Integrity Hardworking Fun Dedicated Loves Cleaning
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Billing & Pricing

Find The Best Package For Your Budget

Payments Accepted

We accept all major credit cards, checks and cash. Payment is due at time of service. you can pay on line or in person with the cleaner at the time of the service. All clients must have a credit card on file, even if you choose to pay in cash or check. 

Cancellation Policy

We understand that things happen and you can't always keep your appointment. Please email Cancel@TexasProfessionalCleanTeam at least 24 hrs in advance of the appointment. If the cancellation is reported less than 24 hrs in advance there will be a $50.00 charge for late cancel. If the cancellation is less that two hours in advance, 50% of the selected cleaning fee will be assessed. We strongly recommend emailing so that we have a time stamp of notification.

Clean Guarantee

We try our very best to get every corner cleaned and leave your home sparkling. We also know that occasionally stuff happens and we miss something. If you are not happy with your clean contact us within 24 hours and we will come back to fix it to your satisfaction. You can call Blythe at 512-522-8868 or email It's not clean till you say it is! 

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