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Meet The Team

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Diana Goodin

Owner- Diana has had very successful career of 20+ years in Advertising, Marketing & Sr Management. Her management style is inclusive, supportive and loves to help people reach their goals. She and her husband have owned several successful small businesses. They found their niche with Texas Professional Clean Team, providing best in class service, security and treating employees like family. It is their key to success!


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Dave Goodin

Owner- Dave has been self employed as a  highly sought after Personal Trainer for more than 25 years. He is a 5 X World Champion  natural/drug free Professional Bodybuilder. He has been featured on many fitness magazine covers so if he looks familiar you just might have seen his face on the magazine racks over the years.  Consistency, commitment and dedication is something that he uses in everything he does. He  mainly does quality control for Texas Professional Clean Team but he is not afraid to dig in and help in any capacity when needed.



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Blythe Goodin

Owner- Blythe has extensive experience in administration, managing small businesses and customer service. In addition, she is perfectly OCD and loves to clean and organize. Her exceptional skills combined with her love for developing people makes her the perfect fit to build the Dallas/ Ft Worth Metroplex business.  She is also insanely organized and makes being a busy Mom of 2 boys and running a business actually look fun! 




Karen is one of the hardest working women we've ever met. Combine that with a unstoppable positive attitude & she is a perfect fit tor Texas Professional Clean Team. This girl knows clean and loves the satisfaction of bringing the very best to each of her clients.  She is extremely busy and her return requests is currently at 100%, so incredibly impressive! 




Debbie is a perfectionist with an amazing work ethic. She genuinely cares about doing the right thing and cares about the people she serves. She is smart, kind and there is nothing this gal can't do! Her call back rating is at 100% and there is rarely a free hour in her schedule. We couldn't be more proud to have such a kind, hard working woman at Texas Professional Clean Team 



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